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Toys 'R' Us: More PS3s, Wiis before Christmas

Blake Snow

Maybe we spoke too soon on the the near-impossible chances of scoring a PS3 and/or Wii at retail before Christmas. In a statement made today, Toys "R" Us claims it has "thousands" of Nintendo Wiis and 6,000 PS3s for the taking this week as 2006 prepares to croak. In an effort to drive would-be console owners to their stores -- which the news will surely do -- the toy retailer opted not to reveal how many "thousands" of Wiis they will receive. How convenient.

But that sounds consistent with previous fast ones Toys "R" Us pulled on consumers when the company baited-and-switched Black Friday shoppers forcing them to purchase a $450 bundle if they indeed wanted the $250 console. Prospective buyers beware.

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