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Asus Z801 flip-phone plays karaoke


Is anyone reading this truly interested in a phone that has a karaoke feature? Oh right, so you at the back, yeah you to the left of that dude wearing the "I'm with stupid" t-shirt... you'd relish a feature designed to let you embarrass yourself in public? Alright, so we may not think much of this particular aspect of the recently announced Asus Z801 flip-phone: fortunately, the rest of its specifications go some way towards making up for this silliness. At the core of the tri-band Z801's features is its 2-megapixel camera and large-ish QVGA display plus an MP3 player and A2DP-enabled Bluetooth. Dig a little deeper and you'll find some software that enables voice dialing, a dictaphone function, and support for QR Code -- a system similar to barcode used commonly in Japan for sending information like URLs and contact details. If you let your eyes wander away from the screen you'll no doubt notice the phone's "Sapphire Quartz" mirrored finish, the black and white checkered keypad design, and a standard external LCD for caller ID or an analog clock face. For now the Z801 looks to remain exclusive to Taiwan, although we've got our fingers crossed it'll get a decent export plan, even if only so we can see first hand how popular that mobile-karaoke feature really is.

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