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Express Shopping at the Apple Store

Mat Lu

The Apple Store gets it right again! I just happened to be in my local branch last evening picking up a Wireless Mighty Mouse (contrary to what my loved ones might tell you, I do not live in an Apple Store), and I saw something pretty neat. They have a ton of Apple goodies stocked up for quick sale. There are two stations in the middle of the store with friendly Apple Store employees ready to check you out (credit card only) with hand-held card readers. They swipe your card, give you your box, and email you the receipt--Cool!

I've continually been impressed by the Apple Store experience. For instance, tonight when I was getting the Mighty Mouse the chipper cashier inquired as to what Mac I had. I figured she was just doing the corporate "smile at the customer" thing. Later, however, I realized what she was really doing was making sure I was not buying the Wireless Mighty Mouse to work with a Mac without Bluetooth. In other words, she didn't patronize the customer ("let me make sure you know what you're doing in buying that"), rather she just seemed friendly and yet was also making sure I wasn't going to be unhappy when I got home. As I said, Apple is really doing this retail thing right. So if you're in need of a last minute Apple gift (hi mom!) and you need to get out fast, the Apple Store has got you covered. (Sorry for the crummy camera phone shot, this is the guy at the opposite station from the one that checked me out).

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