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How to hack DVD case security locks


First up, we think it's worth making it clear that by linking and writing about this guide we're not advocating that you go out and steal DVDs from your local retailer. With that out of the way, we've got to give slyfox117 over at instructables a bunch of kudos for figuring out how to gracefully remove a red security DVD lock: our typical method for removal after a store clerk forgets to take it off is to viciously tear the box apart. Using nothing but magnets (one of which slyfox extracted from an old hard drive), a bit of wiggling, and some carefully applied pressure, slyfox found it was possible to remove the lock and gain access to the contents of the case. He also has plans to find a way of opening full size anti-theft cases. Before you argue that the likeliness of a clerk forgetting to remove one of these precludes the need for such a how-to, might we remind you of our Lockdown series of posts? Remember kids, exposing weaknesses forces companies to be active about improving the security that should have been stronger in the first place.

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