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JoyTech announces Wii PowerStation to keep your Wiimotes juiced

Darren Murph

JoyTech's no stranger to the Wii accessory scene, and the firm is hitting us up once more with its Wii PowerStation. As the title implies, this docking unit can safely house two Hattori Hanzo swords potentially dangerous Wiimotes, and comes stocked with twin rechargeable battery packs to save you those late night trips to the battery department. Additionally, there's a pull-out cradle on each side to place your nunchuck, and while there's nothing to prove (or disprove) the theory, it looks as if the charging station can receive power from any USB port. So if the days on end of Wii Sportin' it are chewing through the Engergizers at an unacceptable rate, you can pick this up in late January for £19.97 ($39).

[Via VideoGamesBlogger, thanks Mark]

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