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Novadrome crashing into XBLA this Wednesday


Oh, praise be to the man who first welded a cannon to the bonnet of his otherwise unimpressive vehicle. This week's Xbox Live Arcade release is none other than Novadrome, a game that straps combat onto a four-wheeled monstrosity and rams it into a concrete barrier. As twisted chunks of black metal rain down, recall that the developer, Stainless Software, once gave us controversy poster child of yore, Carmageddon.

Though distinctly lacking in unfortunate pedestrian targets, the game boasts eight-player matches, 15 arenas (they're in "3D," apparently), over 20 different vehicles, plenty of weapons and, perhaps most importantly, "gladiatorial robot opponents."

costs 800 MS points ($10) and releases this Wednesday, December 20th at 9AM GMT (1AM PST).

[Full press release after the break.]

Destroy or Be Destroyed in the Arenas of "Novadrome" on Xbox Live Arcade

Stainless Software, the creators of the renowned vehicle-combat franchise "Carmageddon," return to their roots with "Novadrome," an original 3-D smash-'em-up game. This unique combat-driving game will be available for download on Xbox Live® Arcade for Xbox 360™ beginning Wenesday, Dec. 20, at 9 a.m. GMT (1 a.m. PST).

In "Novadrome," gamers blast, smash and crash their way to victory as they fight for survival among friends and foes alike in one of the 15 detailed 3-D arenas. Abducted by robots from the planet Nova, the players must stop their captors before they launch a full-scale invasion against Earth. Gamers will need to use their speed, wit and determination to defeat robot gladiators and other abductees in a series of combat-driving competitions in high-powered armored vehicles equipped with front-mounted automatic weapons. "Novadrome" also provides gamers with a frantic multiplayer mode for up to eight players via Xbox Live*.

"Novadrome" will be available worldwide for 800 Microsoft Points.


* Frantic eight-player combat driving action set in a far-out alien world
* More than 20 off-road-buggy-style combat vehicles
* Fifteen arenas full of non-stop, furious action. Combat arenas feature upgrades, power-ups, obstacles and mines.
* A wide range of dynamic vehicle-mounted weapons. Players can destroy their enemies and acquire their weapons as power-ups.
* Adrenaline-pumping boss encounters. Humans in vehicles battle a variety of gladiatorial robot opponents.
* Multiple gameplay modes and event types to choose from. Modes are Career, Arcade Challenge, Free Play, and Multiplayer.
* Top of the class. Gamers can experiment with the various modes and master their gameplay to top the online "Novadrome" leaderboards.
* Twelve achievements. Players can increase their gamerscore by 200 points with 12 diverse achievements.


"Novadrome" can be downloaded beginning Wednesday, Dec. 20, at 1 a.m. PST on Xbox Live Arcade.

"Novadrome": 800 Microsoft Points, Rated E10+ (Fantasy Violence)

More information is available at

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