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Rechargeable Wii Remote batteries and dock in 2007

Zack Stern

Joytech is preparing a Wii Remote docking station with built-in charger for an early 2007 release. While we could care less about the company's plastic rackets -- although the second definition of "racket" is fitting -- we're interested in this disposable-battery replacement.

We expected Nintendo to release this sort of charger, but if it works, we don't care who makes it. Joytech gives you rechargeable batteries and replacement covers for two Remotes. Nestle a controller into the dock, and it will lap up delicious electrons. While the design isn't perfect -- the pull-out claws that hold the Nunchuks look useless -- the $39 charger may be able to draw power from the Wii's USB port, saving an outlet in our rat's nest of power cables.

[Via Engadget]

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