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Sharp brings its own blue lasers to the party


It might not have said so on the flyer, but Blu-ray and HD DVD in 2006 have been largely a BYOL affair, since neither Sony nor Nichia were able to supply enough of the lasers that are at the basis of both formats to meet demand. Well Sharp -- which hasn't released its DV-BP1U Blu-ray player yet -- has now decided to jump into the blue laser game as well, producing 150,000 units per month; they expect to be up to 500,000 units per month by September of next year. A company spokeswoman said most of the diodes will go into Sharp products, but we're sure European PlayStation 3 fans wouldn't mind seeing a few truckloads headed in Sony's direction, while everyone else is just hoping to see price drops on high definition players across the board.

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