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Thieves break through Gamestop wall with sledgehammer [update 1]

Kyle Orland

The Florida Times-Union is reporting a group of thieves broke through the cement wall of a Jacksonville, Fla., Gamestop with a sledgehammer and made off with 13 Xbox 360s within. The thieves cut the store's power, took the security tapes and scattered about a group of empty PS3 boxes, leading store manager Mark King to theorize the thieves "really wanted to get a PlayStation 3." Just goes to show you that Sony's shortages are hurting the criminal element as well.

The article goes on to stress how common-place video game and electronics thefts are these days, both for businesses and personal property. Indeed, the Orlando Sentinel has a report of a new Playstation 3 owner getting mugged for her system on the way from the store to her car. So if you do manage to track down one of those rare PS3 units, may we humbly suggest that you watch your back.

[Update: Fixed typo in manager's name. Thanks HotShotX.]

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