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Donate to the James Kim Memorial Fund this holiday season

Ryan Block, @ryan

We know how devastated many of you were to hear of the untimely and tragic death of James Kim. The outpouring of support we witnessed in the days following was totally unprecedented and overwhelming, and the first thing people wanted to know was how they could help the Kim family. We've finally gotten confirmation that the fund set up by Kim friends and family at is official and, as far as we know, sanctioned by Eva Kim (James's sister) and Kati Kim. So please, if you have anything to give to the Kim family, don't hesitate to hit up their PayPal on the link below. For more info about how you can help out the Kim family, please be sure to visit

Donate to the James Kim Memorial Fund

In unrelated but similarly wrenching circumstances, earlier this year our own Randall Bennett's brother, Ryan Bennett, father of four, died in a horrific car accident. Many may be familiar with Ryan's work with MMA Weekly. It's been a hard year for the Kim and Bennett families, and we here at greatly Engadget appreciate any help you can give to the Kims or the Bennett's.

Donate to the Ryan Bennett Memorial Fund

Thanks so much and happy holidays everybody, from our gadget obsessed family to yours.

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