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Ken Kutaragi talks AV-centric PS3 ... uh, PSX3? PS3X?

In his new capacity as chairman and group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, Ken Kutaragi spoke with Japan's Impress about, what he calls, an AV-centric PlayStation 3. This device, powered by the very capable Cell processor, would "be a standard AV component sized box with a more powerful power supply unit, anti-shake insulator, twice the main memory" adding that dual HDMI would allow the device to split sound and video output. So that's where the dual HDMI output went ...

Of course, we immediately recalled the PSX, Sony's AV-centric PlayStation 2 that suffered from poor sales, ultimately never seeing release outside Japan before stopping production. The unit's high price (¥95,000 for the high-end model) is often cited as the primary reason. So it is with this knowledge that we're wary of the prospects for Kutaragi's device when Impress speculates it may cost as much as ¥300,000 (around $2,500). With the PS3 already fulfilling much of the PSX's promise -- and then some -- we're unsure if the market is looking for a more expensive game console with anti-shake insulators. Toss some DVR-capabilities on the PS3 and we'll forget all about TiVo. TiVo who? See.

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