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WoW + Wii = WiiCraft

Mike Schramm

Now this is interesting. Take your Nintendo Wii remote, hook it up to your mac via a free program called DarwiinRemote, and run World of Warcraft. If you're wishing for Warcraft on the Wii, you've... kind of... got it.

He says you can also do this with a free Windows program (that should be Wiindows, actually), but as he shows, I still think it's more of a novelty than an actual control scheme-- he doesn't answer the question of how to actually talk to anyone, and I doubt that by moving the little remote to click all your spells that you can actually get anything done quickly, but for grinding it might be OK. But even as a novelty, it's a pretty nice, extremely easy little hack. Nice job, Wiicast guy.

[ His name, we believe, is Pooch. Thanks, Pooch! ]

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