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Did you know?: You Don't Know Jack is back

Kyle Orland

Since the 2004 release of the relatively small You Don't Know Jack 6: The Lost Gold, our favorite fast-paced, irreverent, slightly-adult PC quiz show series has unfortunately lay dormant. No more! This month saw the premiere of, and the Daily DisOrDat -- a two-minute, Flash-based matching quiz updated every weekday with You Don't Know Jack's trademark voice acting and comic pacing.

Being online means the questions can be a little more topical than the dated references in the classic disc games. Today's quiz is about Donald Rumsfeld, for instance, and gamers might find this quiz oddly familiar. What's more, the setups are genuinely funny, and there are quite a few laugh-out-loud moments to be found in the archives.

We're not one to look a gift horse in the mouth or anything, but we can't help but imagine the possibilities for online versions of other Jack favorites like Gibberish Questions or even the Jack Attack. And would some multiplayer modes have killed them? I mean Jack ain't jack without a friend. We'd even be willing to pay or look at ads or something if it comes to that. Just, please, give us more Jack!

[Via Game|Life]

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