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Jay's BlueStreamer A2DP adapter: a world's first, for Jens


Jens Nylander is back with his latest, the JAYS BlueStreamer. He's calling it a world's first Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR stereo adapter with headset functionality. It must be the Enhanced Data Rate they're touting 'cause there's a truck-load of these adapters on the market already. But let's not cloud the truth with facts, eh? The device can be clipped to your shirt or slung around the neck and features 2x 3.5-mm jacks: one for your MP3 player, the other for the j-JAYS (or you can call them Rays). If a call comes in on your A2DP/AVRCP Bluetooth phone, the BlueStreamer will stop the music and put the call through. The whole kit is powered by a standard, AAA battery and goes on sale in January all bundled up cozy with Jens' j-JAYS earbuds. Yours for 695SEK including VAT or $69 excluding tax.

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