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Make your own colored Xbox 360 controller


Sister site Xbox 360 Fanboy posted this very nice custom black Xbox 360 controller created by reader Alcaron. His site has step-by-step instructions on how to create the controller using vinyl dye to actually dye the shell itself. After you do this, it stays forever. Unlike spray paint this stuff isn't just a coating. The best part is that any vinyl dye will work, so you've got many color choices -- wait, not best part, the best part is that the mod costs about $5.

The vinyl dye is available at almost any auto supply store and finally having a controller to match your favorite Xbox 360 faceplate is nice. It's the perfect project to do with the kids (offspring, sibling, niece or nephew) in your life over the holiday. The vinyl dye is toxic so adult supervision is strongly recommended and make sure to follow the detailed instructions.

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