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Samsung launches SPH-B5800 T-DMB handset with TPEG integration

Darren Murph

Although Samsung has already crammed T-DMB support into a plethora of its (sometimes oddly-designed) handsets, the sleek SPH-B5800 gets the honor of being the "world's first" that also integrates TPEG. While we knew the firm was working on the Transport Protocol Experts Group service last year, this phone marks the "first time" users can expect to receive live updates "about traffic, nice restaurants," or other points of interest surrounding them. Reportedly, the phone will receive new information "every five minutes" depending on your location, and will show a route and expected arrival time for any destination that perks the user's interest. On the DMB side, it purportedly sports a "full list of channels" to keep you occupied while cruising in the backseat. Other features on this snazzy slider include a 2-megapixel camera, electronic dictionary, "My Pet" game (long lost Tamagotchi sibling?), file viewer, and support for audio book playback. So if you're anxious to let your phone dictate where you eat for supper, you can snag the SPH-B5800 later this month for around 600,000KRW ($645).

[Via AVing]

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