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Sony Ericsson's first Bravia DVB-H phone, or bad fake?

Chris Ziegler

It's been suggested that a couple Bravia-branded phones packing DVB-H tuners are in the works from the folks at Sony Ericsson, and a blurry picture floating around the 'nets the last couple days seems to back that up. After the introduction of the W44S on Sony's native soil, it seems like it'd make sense to expand the Bravia line, but hold the phones -- why does the top of the device look so heavily retouched? And don't the buttons look a little fakey? It's been suggested that this could be an official non-functional mockup of what such a handset might look like, but can't Sony Ericsson, with their fancy engineers, computers, and machinery, make something a little more realistic than this? If it's legit, we should hear more in early '07; if not, we suspect mobile TV fans of the world will be shedding a few tears.

[Via gearfuse]

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