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Take picture, win custom Xbox 360 arcade stick


Since when did teal become part of the Xbox 360 color canon? Admittedly, there are some aesthetic faux pas readily apparent in Arcade-in-a-Box's custom 360 stick (the button placement has been jumbled, black is so Xbox (1), etc.); but hey, it looks sturdy and is being offered for free, in the name of Child's Play. We should also note that the arcade stick has a standard 2.5 mm headset jack and is compatible with Windows XP -- and it's got a button mapped to the Xbox 360 Guide.

To enter the giveaway contest just snap a picture of your "console lair," paste it into an email with some identification info, and send it off to RetroBlast -- you have to be a RetroBlast or COIN-OP.TV newsletter subscriber to be eligible to win. Entries will be accepted through Sunday, until 12:00 am (EST) Monday. And don't forget to consider a donation to the Child's Play charity drive!

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