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UK retailer sells "thousands" of Sharp LCD HDTVs for 150, refuses to ship

Darren Murph

Any deal seekers (or as Best Buy would say, "devils") out there know all too well that a blatant price mistake typically leads to a furious frenzy of orders, only to patiently await the arrival of the package, or worse, the dreaded cancellation notice. While folks were presumably amped up about all these Black Friday deals and the downward trend in prices of HDTVs, "more than 24,000" UK e-shoppers pounced on Woolworths' incredulous deals, which showcased 37- and 42-inch Sharp LCD HDTVs for around £150 ($294). Of course, managers were quick to point out the typographical error and explain that orders would not be filled, as any price advertisements were an "invitation to treat," but not legally binding. Sure, we didn't really expect Woolies to ship out its entire stock of Sharp panels at sub-production cost, but we can certainly sympathize for the hopeful few that labeled the store "Scrooge."

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