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Easier Rapidweaver Theme Editing - RWThemeMiner

Mat Lu

I've already revealed my fondness for the excellent and easy to use web development software RapidWeaver. One of the things that makes RapidWeaver so powerful is the number of excellent themes available for the software, both those built-in and those by third-parties (some free, some commercial). Now along comes To The Point Software with a new version of their RWThemeMiner theme "editing assistant." This neat little tool provides a nice little GUI front end for getting inside of and modifying RapidWeaver themes (the actual editing of images, etc. must be done in another appropriate application such as Photoshop, etc.). This lets you easily modify themes to meet your own purposes (for instance by adding custom graphics) without having to dig deep in the CSS and resource folders all on your own. Indeed it brings the GUI approach to editing themes in much the way that RapidWeaver itself brings it to editing web pages. Definitely worth a look if you're a RapidWeaver junkie like me.

RWThemeMiner is $15 shareware.

[Via Macminute]

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