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FCC checks out the Nokia N93i

Chris Ziegler

In the most official confirmation we've seen to date, the alleged Nokia N93i has hit the FCC (true, the pictures appear to identify it as an "N00," but we somehow doubt that's its go-to-market model number). All told, the device appears to be a fairly modest upgrade to the N93 it replaces, bearing the same 3.2 megapixel Carl Zeiss lens with optical zoom that dominated its predecessor's hinge. Sadly, we've been able to glean very little about the mirrored exterior -- we still can't tell whether there's a display under there somewhere, though the Get Started guide makes reference to a "cover indicator" that's only visible when there are missed calls, messages, and the like. Perhaps most interesting is the RAZR-like etched keypad, one small concession to fashion made by a company that's now famous for not bowing to industry pressure to make ultra-thin handsets. No word on a release, but given the lack of GSM 850 and UMTS 850 / 1900, we're meeting this one with tempered excitement. Cingular, care to make it worth Nokia's while to pump out a version for us?

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