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PS3 Xmas freebie: Gran Turismo HD Concept

Unlike Nintendo's $5 (or 500 Wii Points) Christmas treats and more like their free Wii web browser, Sony's poised to really spread that holiday cheer with a holiday freebie. As promised, Gran Turismo HD -- recently re-imagined as a technology demo and not a full title -- will hit the PlayStation Store on December 24th (that's Christmas Eve) for the eminently reasonable price of $0 (or 0 Wii Points). Today, they've announced that offer applies to North America as well as Japan. Thanks, Sony!

The important info: one track (the Eiger Nordwand course), two game modes ("Time Trial" and "Drift Trial"), ten cars (with 10 additional "tuned" variations unlockable), and the much vaunted 1080p. Of course, the only online action you're going to be getting is downloading the game from the PlayStation Store. Like Kaz said, "For the genuine implementation of 'Online Car Life Simulation', please wait for Gran Turismo 5."

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