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Queen Elizabeth to podcast annual Christmas message

Cyrus Farivar

Alright peoples, it's official: podcasting isn't just for us geeks anymore. While some American and German politicians have recently taken up podcasting as the newest way to reach out to younger voters, it appears that the Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom is now jumping on the podwagon as well. In addition to more traditional terrestrial broadcasting, Her Royal Highness Majesty will be making her annual Christmas message to the Commonwealth at 3:00 pm GMT (that's 10:00 am US Eastern time) on Monday, December 25 available as a podcast to all those who really want to hear her opine away. Given that Liz apparently has an iPod (as of 2005 it was an iPod mini), a cellphone (no word on what kind), and a boatload of new TVs, we're sure that any day now we'll start seeing emails in our tip box from

[Via Futurismic]

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