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Makayama's Mobile TV Center builds link between Windows MCE and WinMo handsets

Darren Murph

Sure, there's always been that painstakingly slow method of manually / batch converting your shows to play nice on your Windows Mobile-powered phone, but Makayama's Mobile TV Center is here to make everyone's lives (at least those with Windows MCE) at a lot easier. Once you've installed the software on your PC, you simply select your handsets from the (admittedly clean looking) MCE-inspired interface, and everything else is reportedly "automatic." Scheduled / previously recorded shows will be converted in the background to a video format optimized for your mobile's screen, and once you connect your device via USB, the files are copied over and ready to view. While miracle apps like these always sound terrific in theory, we wouldn't dive right in without a thorough test drive, so be sure and hit the read link for a very welcome demo before throwing down your £18.80 ($37).

[Via CoolSmartphone]

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