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Vigor Force Recon QX4 gaming rig brings the Quad FX power

Cyrus Farivar

AMD's Quad FX chips haven't been on the market for all that long, but that hasn't stopped one company after another from pushing out the gaming machines. Today we bring you the third rig that we've spotted in as many weeks, the Vigor Force Recon QX4. This baby is pretty loaded, with two 3.0GHz Athlon 64 FX-74 dual-core chips, a NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX 768MB DDR3 video card with DVI and TV out, 2GB of RAM, two 7200rpm, 250GB SATA II drives, an internal 16X dual-layer DVD burner, gigabit Ethernet, a whopping 10 USB ports, and for good measure, a floppy drive. The whole setup will start at $2900 and will be officially launched at CES 2007, coming up next month. We're pretty sure though that you'll have to BYO floppies -- that is, if you can even find a use for them anymore.

[Via 64-Bit-Computers]

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