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1962 VW bus gutted, filled with giant hot rod engine


Our view has always been, if you aren't doing your best to save on gas for monetary and / or environmentalist purposes, you might as well go the other way and burn as much of the dang stuff as you can. Along those lines, and also adhering to the lines of "holy frick" and "so sweet," is Ken Prather's 1962 Volkswagen Bus, which features a mid-engine 355 small-block and a 7-inch chop job, after serving as a hippie van in a former life. This once mini-RV has been reduced to a two-seat hot rod monstrosity, complete with a steel rollcage, drag seats and a VW flower vase made of billet aluminum. Suicide doors, 10 mpg, drag parachute -- count us in. Eat our dust, Mystery Mobile.

[Via Autoblog]

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