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Geometry Wars as art

Vladimir Cole

It's no secret that some of us at Joystiq love Xbox Live Arcade title Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved a whole bunch -- so much so in fact that we declared Geometry Wars the Xbox 360's best launch title. A year later, we're still finding the time to fire up the 360 for a quick run at Bizarre's masterpiece. It still holds it down.

And so I didn't hesitate to snap up Anastasia M. Wong's work titled "Geometry War," (shown above, click for a larger image), when I spotted it at a charity art auction held at the University of Pennsylvania earlier this month.

After I sent her a note thanking her for making the art, Anastasia responded, "I got some really great screen shots of the game. they are really beautiful and the more i look at them the more i see them in prints or drawings."

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