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Craigslisters trading PS3 for Wii + money

Kyle Orland

Jason McMaster over at GigaGamez has noticed an interesting trend in new generation system listings on popular classified site Craigslist. Apparently, dozens of posters are looking to trade their PlayStation 3s for a Wii and some extra spending cash.

A quick scan of the trade offers in the San Francisco area shows that most of the offers are looking for a Wii and roughly $350 in exchange for their PS3. Others are looking to trade their Sony system for two Wiis or offering slightly more ludicrous exchanges. There are also some listings offering to trade their Wiis for a PS3, but not nearly as many came up in our searches.

What's motivating all these trading offers? McMaster theorizes the traders are completists looking to dump a second Sony system for a hard-to-find Wii or single owners disappointed with the PS3s lackluster lineup. For some, though, the explanation is a simple misunderstanding: "I made a grand mistake in getting my kids a gift for xmas. I thought they wanted a ps3, but rather they wanted a wii." There's no need to argue, parents just don't understand.

[Via Guardian GamesBlog]

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