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65nm Xbox 360 CPU refresh delayed until mid-2007?


Bad news for those potential Xbox fanboys out there waiting for a cooler and less power-hungry Xbox before they spring for that nifty white box: DigiTimes is reporting that Microsoft's upcoming 65nm processors -- the current 360s are running those oh-so-2005 90nm chips -- have been delayed, and won't be making it off the production line until mid-2007, at least a quarter after current projections. Of course, the main source of noise on the box is really the disc drive, and we hope this doesn't mean Microsoft will hold off much longer on a price cut (no, not that price cut) but we really wouldn't mind a little bit of modern processor tech in this thing, so we'll hope Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing, Microsoft's partner in chip-building crime, will pull through on this one and deliver those 65nm chips right on schedule.

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