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The importance of Wii Bowling to Nintendo

Blake Snow

The Denver Post echoes the same sentiments of Gamasutra suggesting that Wii Sports, particularly Bowling, may be the most influential game of the year, at least in terms of its potential impact on the industry. Columnist David Thomas opines on yearly blockbusters like Gears of War (360), Elder Scrolls Oblivion (360/PC), and Zelda (Wii/GCN) by saying: "While each of these games remain a worthy distraction from the pressures of the real world, none of them really changes the art or science of video games the way that Wii Bowling does."

In essence, "who would have thought 'electronic bowling' -- despite its simplicity -- could be this fun?" He believes that if Nintendo (or was it Miyamoto who spearheaded the game's development?) can turn the 5,000 year-old game into something this enjoyable with mass appeal, the company may have an even brighter future on its hands. Hardcores on board or not.

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