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Another Silent Hill film in the cards

Ross Miller

There will be a Silent Hill 2 movie, according to director Christopher Gans. In an interview with French-language site DVDrama, Gans hopes that the Roger Avery-penned sequel will retain the visual aesthetic of the first film should he be too busy adapting an Onimusha film to take the director's chair. In his hypotehtical absence, Gans would like a European director to take his stead so as to avoid making the film "too Hollywood" (loose translation).

Of course, some continuity issues run amok if the films follow the same timeline as the games, most notably the inclusion of Pyramid Head; we'll spare you the spoilers and let you read the film's Wiki page if you are curious. The original Silent Hill film, after initial dismay, eventually grew on me as a mediocre horror flick that proved itself better than a multitude of other game adaptations. Gans hopes that sequel will correct the mistakes of the first movie; let's hope it does so we can finally have a decent game-film to hold up as a pillar by which to compare the rest.

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