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Exemode's budget-friendly DV572 SD camcorder

Darren Murph

Exemode leaves no question about who it's catering to with its uber-cheap, budget-friendly offerings, but we're not complaining with doing the camcorder thang on the cheap. While the firm has been down the pocket-sized road before, not to mention offering up quite the unique MP3 player, this five-megapixel camcorder sports the more typical handheld design. Offering up SD-based recording over the HDD / miniDV approaches, it can handle SD cards up to 2GB in size (sorry, no SDHC support here), and captures the good ole times in 640 x 480 MPEG4 at 30fps. Additionally, it can take stills in JPEG, record audio in WAV, features an (admittedly paltry) 4x digital zoom, rocks USB 2.0 / AV connectivity, and reportedly puts out just under seven hours of battery life. The best apart about this otherwise ho hum offering is indeed the price, as you aren't likely to be too disappointed after dropping just ¥14,800 ($125).

[Via Impress]

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