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PlayStation 3 is a decent bargain, as a Blu-ray player

Kevin Kelly

If you're still looking for something to do with your holiday dough, and you have a love and admiration for high definition of the Blu-ray format, then you can do no better than to pick up a PS3 and save yourself about $150. CrunchGear notes that Best Buy is selling internal Blu-ray drives for $749.99 (seriously, can we do away with the .99 pricing on things?), and that -- duh -- a PS3 is cheaper. Granted, those internal drives let you also burn your own Blu-ray discs, but the standalone players are still a good deal more than the PS3 is. In fact, we just checked at, and the lowest priced Blu-ray player is $799.99, giving you 200 more one dollar reasons to get yourself a console ... if you can find one.

The fact is, until some killer games come out, this might be all you'll be using this thing for. However, having seen Blu-ray movies in action, you won't be disappointed. They look pretty darn swanky, and you can almost smell the popcorn and feel the sticky floors.

Granted, this isn't exactly news -- and we've been saying the same thing here at Joystiq, but we're worried that the holiday cash might be burning a hole in your pocket, and we're looking out for you.

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