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Samsung develops 1Gb synchronous DRAM module

Darren Murph

Apparently, Samsung has been on quite the rampage (ahem) lately, busting out its new Powerhouse Fusion memory, working with NEC in hopes of crafting a one-terabit chip, and now announcing the industry's "first gigabit-density mobile DRAM" module. Using 80-nanometer process technology, the 1Gb synchronous DRAM module claims to be "more cost effective than other high density mobile solutions," and requires around "30-percent less current" than the double-die stack chips commonly used today. The monolithic chip introduces a new "temperature-sensing feature" that purportedly maximizes the "self-refresh cycle" to reduce power drain in standby mode, and also touts a 20-percent decrease in thickness over its predecessors. While we've no idea how much these modules will bump the price of your future gadgetry, they should begin finding their way into "handsets, digicams, PMPs, and handheld gaming machines" in the second quarter of 2007.

[Via Physorg]

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