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Soundgraph leaves the Sideshow for a "Front View"

Omar McFarlane

We've seen Microsoft/PortalPlayer's Sideshow technology grow up from a pretty interesting "auxiliary display" for laptops to being included in WiFi photo frames and home automation systems. While inclusion in a media center device seems like a given -- after all, it's already in their remotes -- Korea's Soundgraph is betting that its own Front View technology will dominate this area. Although not too much is really known at this point, Front View seems to be an after market screen, designed specifically to give Media Center PCs Sideshow-like capabilities. While external displays are definitely nothing new to the HTPC -- we have already seen them on ones such as the VidaBox Max, Okoro OMS-GX300, and the Zalman HD 160XT enclosure -- we think this is a step in the right direction. You would think, after all, this would have been available from the start. Soundgraph is planning to show off its new product during CES 2007, so if it's there with the goods, we'll be here with the deets.

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