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Analyst: Publishers not supporting Wii to get left behind

Blake Snow

In a interview with CNBC today, analyst Evan Wilson declares Wii the early next-gen console victor. But the report appears more concerned with the possible implications for publisher stocks rather than just Nintendo's.

Wilson believes game makers who have formed early partnerships with Nintendo via Wii can look forward to a banner year, one he says will be the fastest growing in a long time. He predicts THQ and Activision as big winners for their early commitment to the motion-sensing platform with no mention of Ubisoft.

So what about EA, the world's largest games publisher with 25% of the market? The analyst thinks the company will get left behind in 2007 for not scheduling more upcoming Wii games and because their hardcore games don't appeal as much to Wii's desired non-gamer audience. Also, after calling the PS3 a "disappointment" to an investor audience, he's wary on both EA and Take 2 stock for their strong support of the PS3. Not only is Sony getting some bad press now, so are any publishers aligned with its console, at least from one analyst.

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