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Raffle: A Bone bundle, with signed books and game [update 1]

[Update: This raffle is closed. Congrats to winner #45!]

One final charity raffle to finish off '06 in style. We're going to be raffling a bundle including a copy of the IGF-nominated Bone: The Great Cow Race signed by the game's developers, copies of Jeff Smith's first two Bone books, Out From Boneville and The Great Cow Race signed by Mr. Smith himself, and downloadable codes for the Director's Cuts of both of Telltale's Bone episodes!

The rules: each dollar in donations purchased using this link earns you one comment. Think of each comment as a raffle ticket. In three days (11:59pm EST this Monday), we'll choose our winner using and verify their donation. More on the rules here.

We'd like to thank both Telltale for the great prizes (and for being an official Child's Play sponsor in the first place!) and Jeff Smith for the autographed books!

Fine print: Please do not comment on this post if you are not donating. Any comments or suggestions should be left on the announcement post.

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