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$300,000 worth of Hynix DDR RAM modules hijacked

Darren Murph

It seems the traditional method of acquiring goods -- you know, that "money for product" approach we've been testing out for centuries -- is going to the wayside quite often these days, as yet another major heist has gone down in Taiwan. Twenty boxes of Hynix Semiconductor DDR RAM modules were stolen yesterday, as a trio of assailants reportedly used a machete and stun gun to threaten the driver. The hijacking is likely a planned, organized move, as reports say that the thieves were seen headed to the airport, where they probably hopped a flight to China. Interestingly, it was stated that "ownership of the chips is still unknown," a fact that's sure to make insurance companies drool, considering the $306,000 of missing goods that somebody is going to be out for. Incidents like this do wonders in making those $169 GPS / RFID adornments seem fairly inexpensive, eh?

[Via Inquirer]

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