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vNES has 575 games: Demo and consider future VC titles


The vNES, an original Nintendo Entertainment System emulator, now has 575 free-to-use original NES games. One of our main issues with the Wii Virtual Console has been the inability to demo games before you buy. Although the vNES is by no means a perfect emulation, you do get a general idea of the gameplay. The site also encourages users to support Nintendo and buy a Wii.

For those ages 18 and under who probably never owned a NES, you very well may not have played the NES VC games the first time around and the vNES can give a good idea what these games are like. Those of us in a demographic where the VC games are actual nostalgia, by playing the vNES we might just get that feeling out of our system. But for those who still want the game even after the vNES test, they can go ahead and buy it on the Wii's VC. The vNES also works as a great way to remember titles we wish would make their way to the VC in perfect emulation.

We do not support piracy and using the vNES as a demo solution is hardly ideal, but vNES is a nice trip down memory lane and a good way to see what VC titles you'd like to see in the future.

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