Today in Joystiq: January 31, 2007

Ross Miller
R. Miller|02.01.07

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We interrupt our usual video game-related Flickr images to have a good laugh at this LED Mooninite, who caused a stir in Boston today. The [adult swim] ad, which has been up for two weeks advertising Aqua Teen Hunger Force and its upcoming film ATHF colon Movie Film for Theaters, was suspected today to be a bomb and prompted authorities to now arrest a man in connection with the marketing campaign, according to the front page article. The absurdity gives the Joystiq Consortium a migraine.

Allow us to quote from the Mooninite Ignignokt, who also has an LED display (Err is pictured), "everyone, bow your heads and pretend to be serious." Check out the highlights for today:

Columbine game blocked from receiving Slamdance special jury prize
Joystiq interviews Joseph Olin, president of the AIAS
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Today's hottest game video: UT3

NFL2K rises from grave as All-Pro Football 2K8
Game & Watch classic hidden in DS dictionary
God of War 2 videos are hack-a-licious
PS3 ads turn up in Xbox 360 game (inadvertently)
Moscow's Lineage II meet up murder
PSP firmware 3.10 released, and decrypted
GRAW 2 demo assaults XBL Gold members
PS3 Unreal Tournament 3 not delayed
Saints Row confirmed for PS3
Vice City Stories PS2 port plugged, then pulled from
Vista update improves "legacy" game support
Sony exec talks further PS3 price slashing in Japan
Gray Lady confirms Wii's early success
Godzilla 'Unleashed' on Wii, DS, PSP
Sony not ready to rumble with Splitfish
Wii VC's Mario Kart 64 to remain ghostless
Anti-masterpiece theater presents: Postal
Shadow of the Colossus cameo in new Sandler, Cheadle flick
NY Times crossword puzzler headed to DS

Rumors & Speculation
Rumor: Dell considers gaming handheld

The SEGA of a different kind
Wii mod moves those Gamecube ports to the front
Dev tells all: Street Fighter The Movie (The Game)
Sony Sauce for your PS3 BBQ, sir? Only in Japan!
(Tecmo) Super Bowl XLI
David Jaffe hates focus testing
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