Today in Joystiq: June 12, 2007

Ross Miller
R. Miller|06.13.07

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Joystiq reader Mike Black, in purportedly his first tip ever (bless his heart), has drawn our attention to a custom Forza 2 design he made "after around 30 hours of work and over 2000 layers." We're impressed, especially given that it's one of our favorite RPGs of all time (full picture). Check out the highlights for today:

Joystiq interviews Gamecock about EIEIO and E3 funeral
Readers pick best webcomic: extra baggage
Today's pitchiest video: Mega Turtle Cousins

Capcom gets Steam power
Speedball II in development for XBLA
Take-Two takes in about $50 million less
New GTA IV trailer coming June 28
Eight more tracks from Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
New video from Chocobo's Dungeon Wii
Boy defends home from PS3 robbers with katana
America's Army exclusive to Xbox 360
EA employs Cider to bring games to Mac OS X
Adventure game Secret Files: Tunguska coming to Wii, DS
ESRB's censorship wound re-opened, user-made content to break the ratings system
Halo's Todd McFarlane controllers and wireless headset
Alone in the Dark releasing this November
Raiden IV port could hit the Dreamcast
Microsoft defends Pac-Man CE price
BioWare MMO planned for 2009
Telltale secures $6 million for multi-platform episodic content
See LotRO's Shores of Evendim in all their video glory
SimCity Societies officially building this November
Mad Tracks fills in pothole and gets patched
Soul Calibur 4 unveiled for Xbox 360, PS3 in this debut teaser
Square Enix chief: 360, PS3 too fancy for today's market
Insomniac staying out of Church vs. Sony scandal
Sony promises to 'aggressively pursue' PS3 pirates
Bungie's Marathon for 360 makes the grade in Germany

Rumors & Speculation
Crush producer considers multiplatform release, level editor
Pachter places prediction on May NPD numbers
Rumorang: Conflicting reports on PSP redesign
Rumor: New Bonk game headed to the Wii
Survey hints at PS3-PSP connectivity possibilities
Halo 3 will boost BlackSite sales, dev prays

Culture & Community
Every NES title screen in five minutes
Mega 64 to host premiere screening in San Diego
The face of Halo's Master Chief?
Massive videogame mosaics
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