Today in Joystiq: July 5, 2007

Ross Miller
R. Miller|07.06.07

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A Deviant Art sketch by DeltaP42 (via Myke). Entitled "we're expecting," it gets to the heart of those favoring all systems equally. One caveat: anyone who's watched the totally awesome Mario Bros. movie knows that Mario's first name isn't Super ... it's Mario. As in, Mario Mario (and Luigi Mario is his brother, natch). Got that? Check out the highlights for today:

Behind the price cut: The long, strange saga of the $599 PS3
E3 2006's Wii line in real time
Joystiq hands-on: Rock BandKyle Orland eats games for lunch on new review site
Peter Moore tells Joystiq about the new warranty program
Square Enix in your pocket: DS edition
Today's most retro ad: Japanese Punch-Out!! commercial

GameTap Thursday: Mark Hamill Edition
Tetsuya Mizuguchi to build Virtual Tokyo in Second Life
DS game aimed at preschoolers announced -- I Did It Mum!
Matt Groening to be final boss in Simpsons game
Xbox 360 Elite on sale in Japan Oct. 11th for ¥47,800 ($390)
Blue Dragon demo scheduled for July 20th
New MGS4 trailer debuting at E3, Sony and Konami keynotes
Euro Blu-ray sales up 1000% since PS3 launch
Unreal Tournament 3 to ship with dozens of multiplayer maps
Square Enix's Last Remnant trailer debuts
Sony defends UMD, says 'future is bright'
Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles has co-op, duh?
Microsoft expands Xbox 360 warranty for red ring sufferers
EA adds dumbed down control options for Wii sports games
First look at Aquaria level editor
Bungie turns up Halo 3 heat: new details, campaign screenshot

Rumors & Speculation
Rumor: Circuit City drops PS3 price by $100 week of July 15

Culture & Community
Gnome corpse advertisement in WoW by gold farmers
Apt timing for Nintendo's pre-E3 downers
Partial list, massive E3 2007 lineup
New York Times looks at the fabulous life of video game dress-up
Counterfeiter ordered to pay Nintendo 2.5 million
Hudson admits Bomberman: Act Zero was bad
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