Soul Calibur IV keeps laying on the sexuality

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Soul Calibur IV keeps laying on the sexuality

Soul Calibur IV's bountiful breasts bounce along as Namco Bandai recently released more images of characters in the game. The first outing for the Soul Calibur crew on current-gen consoles is becoming better known for its breasts than anything else following a first-look at Ivy and her string-top battle bra in early June. Now we have Sophitia (above) in her almost see-through Jennifer Lopez-inspired double-sided-tape-required battle gear. Her sister Cassandra can be found in the gallery below with her breasts packed in nicely with a hole to breath through and show cleavage. Seriously, these women are fighting with blades in these outfits. How is this sane?

Also, after the break, we have a borderline NSFW image of Voldo. Now, granted, Voldo has always been overtly sub-pornographic with a BDSM vibe; however, the place where he has a spike coming out of now may be a bit over-the-top. If you don't instantly imagine it, just try to conceptualize how Voldo would sit down in that outfit.


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