Today in Joystiq: December 19, 2007

Ross Miller
R. Miller|12.20.07

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Ross Miller
December 20th, 2007
Today in Joystiq: December 19, 2007
Rare's Christmas image is definitely intriguing -- why would pinatas need copies of their own game? Note the KI3 -- as in Killer Instinct 3 -- stocking. Don't get your hopes up for any announcement, we suspect that stocking is empty and dangling close enough to the fire to soon be up in flames. Check out the highlights for today (note: breaking news will highlighted in bold):

Joystiq Interview: Kuju's download-only studio doublesix
Today's most remote video: FFVII on your PSP
Wii Fanboy Weekly: December 13th, 2007 - December 19th, 2007

MTV's "next big thing": Bruckheimer teams up for game studio
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete trailer
Warren Spector talks retirement, Deus Ex 3, selling out
Sensible World of Soccer has critical bug, gets pulled
GameStop clarifies Wii Reservation program details
Folding@Home gets update, new features
New Ninja Gaiden 2 gameplay video is predictably rad
Codemasters teases 'Project Strike Team'
Kane and Lynch: Dead Men, Live demo
MCV: GTA IV to hit UK April 25
Warhawk expansion arrives day early, free for a few
Duke Nukem Forever teaser perpetuates cycle of non-delivery

Codemasters to continue Wii's mini-game doldrums with Emergency Mayhem
Unreal Tournament III on Macs early 2008
Conan MMO dev: WoW popularity in decline
Pachter: GTA IV is not a Take-Two panacea
Bloomberg: Persona 4 dev sticks with PS2
Folklore gets in the holiday spirit

Rumors & Speculation
Rumorong: More exclusive GTA IV Xbox 360 content in '09
Nintendo teases two new Virtual Console consoles
Super Mario Galaxy DS video a hoax

Culture & Community
Where's Duke Nukem been the last decade?
Rock Band site down for 'upgrades'
NY gov. Spitzer cites hoax site in anti-games campaign
Keep your Wii classy with replacement top panel
GameSetWatch picks top 5 freeware games
Zero Punctuation affected by Mass Effect's verbiage
Beverage companies blame video games for obesity

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