Today in Joystiq: December 20, 2007

Ross Miller
R. Miller|12.21.07

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Ross Miller
December 21st, 2007
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Today in Joystiq: December 20, 2007
Joystiq reader blaine sent in a picture of shirt he made by screen-printing official Contra 4 wallpaper (found here). Not only are we impressed, but we can't help but think of what other cool video game wallpapers would look great worn. Check out the highlights for today:

Joystiq's significant others name Guitar Hero III game of the year
Metareview: NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams (Wii)
Today's most indulgent video: 3,000 barrels in Crysis
X3F Week in Review: December 14, 2007 - December 20, 2007

GameTap Thursday: Street Fighter III: Third Strike's out
MadCatz Xbox 360 HDMI Conversion Kit, $90 in Jan.
Guitar Hero III gets sleighful of fresh tracks
Microsoft: better 360 sales in 08; Europe is the key
Tekken film gets a director
Microsoft, Viacom team up to offer games, videos on 360, Windows
New Rainbow Six Vegas 2 teaser now glam-free, time paradoxical
Activision on PS3 guitar patch: Show me the money!
Mortal Kombat blamed in death of 7-year old
Japan's Devil May Cry 4 PS3 bundle
Eidos dates Conflict: Denied Ops for February 2008
Bomberman gets new content Dec. 26
Activision raises financial outlook by $150 million
Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel dropped to $100
Brits blow billions on gaming
Rainbow Six Vegas 2 to feature 'more Vegas'
GT5 Prologue scores third place in Japanese charts
Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword slashes up your DS in March
Original NiGHTS coming to GameTap in '08
Nintendo: Wii shortage causing planning problems
Red Mile licenses Unreal Engine 3 for Sin City game
Judge sides with Activision in Guitar Hero 80s lawsuit
PSN Thursday: Trials of Hawkish, Mesmerizing Snakeballs

Rumors & Speculation
Calling Canada, what's your Rock Band situation?

Culture & Community
Rock Band site back up with new community features
Portal tattoos are for heroes only
Tim and Eric's Dr. Steve Brule loves video games

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