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Digital Cube spiffs up its line with i-Station Mini DX


If Digital Cube's original Mini, which was only released a couple of months ago, wasn't quite shiny enough for you, it looks like they're at it again with the Mini DX, which adds an FM tuner, USB host support and a microSD slot. The player face also got nice little revamp, but otherwise there's still that same old 2.4-inch LCD, T-DMB, 1, 2 and 4GB capacities -- though the 4 gigger hasn't gone totally legit just yet -- and hefty format support of its predecessor. The 1GB player should be going for 198,000 KRW (about $213 US), while the 2GB version hits 248,000 KRW (about $267 US). Naturally, neither player is slated for the States.

[Via Electronista]

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