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Predictions for 2007?

Ryan Block, @ryan

Engadgetdamus bids you greetings; in the wake of 2006, many questions from this time last year still remain unanswered. Which console will come out on top? And how will that weigh in on the next-gen optical war between Blu-ray and HD DVD? When will we just start downloading everything -- from games to TV shows -- so we can be done with all these messy physical formats? Will we finally get the Optimus keyboard? Will Apple get it over with and finally release a wireless widescreen video iPod and/or cellphone? We want as much as anyone to know what 2007 will bode for technology, but only you can channel your inner Engadgetdamus. Indulge yourself and lay down your best predictions for MMVII.

See also: predictions for 2005 and 2006.

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