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Axxen kicks out trio of portable HDD enclosure / card reader hybrids

Darren Murph

It's just impossible not to love a little consolidation done right, and Axxen's trio of new devices aims to give you a good reason to ditch that easy-to-misplace flash card reader and pick up an external HDD enclosure while you're at it. The A-3500, A-2500, and A-1800 all sport a sleek, black casing, and can handle your choice of 3.5-, 2.5-, or 1.5-inch hard drive, respectively. Aside from functioning as your run-of-the-mill external HDD, the drives also serve as a memory card reader for CF, SM, xD, MS, MSPro, MSDuo, SD, miniSD, MMC, and MD cards, and it interfaces with your computer via USB 2.0. Notably, each unit also boasts a "one-touch" backup function to keep your files sufficiently duplicated, and while we're not sure how much Axxen plans on charging for these nifty multitaskers, they should be hitting South Korea real soon.

[Via MobileWhack]

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