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Shenzen Leadertone intros GPS3000 navigation system

Darren Murph

Ah, just what we needed -- yet another Chinese navigation system that touts mutiple layers of functionality, but probably doesn't really excel in any of them. Shenzen Leadertone has its Windows CE-powered GPS3000 on deck and ready for showing at next week's CES, and aside from the somewhat gaudy window attachment, it manages to sport a 3.5-inch 4:3 touchscreen, SD / MMC flash card slots, rechargeable four-hour battery, turn-by-turn voice guidance, and a built-in, brain-rattling one-watt speaker to crank out the MP3, WMA, and WAV files. Additionally, it can playback ASF and AVI video formats, recognize text files / pictures, and touts automatic redirecting, 3D / "overlook" views, and an integrated 159dBm GPS antenna. Of course, it the included one isn't up to your requirements, you can attach an external antenna of your own thanks to the MCX port. No information regarding pricing or availability has been released just yet, but all that should become perfectly clear when it hits the Vegas floors in just a few days.

[Via Navigadget]

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