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The Burning Crusade: What to do at 70?

Paul Sherrard

Yeah, I realize this is a little way off for some, and a long long long (like maybe next year or the year after) way off for some other people, but when I think of the Burning Crusade I always tend to think, "What'll I do when I hit 70?"

I've had a level 60 since December of 2004 (yes, I'm one of those nerds), so I've always been wondering what's next in the endgame. In WoW 1.x, we had Molten Core, and then Blackwing Lair, and after a while we had ZG, AQ20 and AQ40. That's a fair bit of content in itself. Add Naxxramas to that, and there's been a lot to do.

Or at least, I thought I'd had a lot to do.

Attunements were pretty simple, the quest chains not unbearable, and progression a pretty solid and steady advance. Last week I talked about Mount Hyjal, and the attunement leading up to it. As it turns out, it's even a bit more complicated than I thought.

We can all assume that whatever 25-person raid content there is can consume as much time as you want to put into it. But what are those to do who don't want to raid all the time? Will there be anything worth completing? Well, I think that WoW will always be semi-focused on getting you to the big dungeons, but thankfully the Burning Crusade isn't *all* about the raiding.

There is a whole lot to do at 70:

  • Gain reputation with one of the 20 or so factions in the Outlands
  • Complete all of the 5-person group content on Heroic
  • Access new quest lines that have been opened for completing Heroic dungeons
  • Get a flying mount or two

Up to now, most of the endgame content has focused on 40-man raids. If you take a look at this handy diagram, posted over on World of Raids, you can see that the majority of quest lines and content at 70 are solo-oriented, with group content at strategic places, and finally raid content taking up the last bit of the experience.

I think we're going to have far more options on what to do with our game time at level 70 than we did at 60. If you're in the mood to be alone, do some quests or faction grinding; If you want to group, hit a 5-man instance (on Heroic difficulty if you want a challenge), and if you've got 24 friends along, you can hit some raid content.

So, what do you think you'll be doing the most at 70?

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